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Doing my first folk song, “In a corona world”, may 2020
Feel You. lead: Anna-Karin, Backup: Bengt

This song was a project with “MPP”, produced by me and Trym Paulsén, with musicians I don´t know the name of. I post it here as a tribute to Anna-Karin who now, in April 2019, has let go of her current existence.



Born to be a farmer

(I can Feel it)

By The Mr Bengt Alvang Travellin´ Bluegrass Band


I was born to be a farmer

My mama used tell me

and a farmer I was a gonna be


She preached every mornin´

and she preached every night

and told me that she was right


REF:    But I Said,


I can feel it,

I can feel it,

in my bones”



At first she didn´t get it

Cause she had a plan for her son

And nothings gonna stay in her way


”You take care of them cows

And feed those pigs

And thats all ya need to know”


”Someday ya gonna realize

That the world is just too big

For the likes of you and me”


”It´s better to stay around

and take care of what youve got

Or ya sure gonna regret a lot”


REF x2


”But listen to me now

I know what´s best for you

And deep down you know it´s true”

(”don´t ya”)


”The pigsty needs some cleanin´

and the truck could need some oil

and you better move some ass”


”Even though you dream

and think you´r something special

I can tell you it´s too late”


”Many a boy has had

his head up in the sky

but they all fall down and cry”


REF x 2


”Mother, you gave me

all the reasons

why I should do somethin´ else”


”You didn´t understand

that you can keep a cow inside

but you can´t keep a man from his ride”


”So precious is my life

that I´m not gonna waste

the sweetnes of it all”


”Now, I do my thing

I follow my own will

cause this one, you didn´t kill”


REF x 2

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